8th & May is an apparel company based in Kansas City. We create responsibly-crafted goods centered around clothing that is truly locally produced.

From the first step to the last, every part of manufacturing occurs in-house at our KC production facility. We believe in longevity, striving to create a product that lasts as well as a company that is thoughtful and honest about its impact on our community.

Our Process

Keeping every aspect of design and production in our workshop is incredibly important to us.

In addition to employing members of our community, it allows us to reduce waste and streamline our production.

Creating Responsibly

It is well-known that the clothing industry has many problems including unethical working conditions, wasteful production, and garments designed to be thrown out after a single season of wear.

We are committed to responsible manufacturing, from ethical sourcing of our fabrics to our emphasis on local production. We believe that buying fewer items that last is a key part of stewardship and a strong step towards building a more sustainable future.

Learn about our Lifetime Guarantee here.